Create a growth marketing career: my honest review

Are you looking for a growth marketing career? If the answer is yes, read this article with my honest review and discover how to achieve your goal.

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Who am I and why did I choose to learn growth marketing

My name is Michele and I’m a young digital marketer who is looking for a career change.

What is CXL

If you’re zapping within the Digital Marketing world for a while, chances are that you’ve heard of CXL Institute. They offer marketing training courses taught by the top industry practitioners in CRO & UX, Analytics, and Marketing. Their in-depth programs are true gold for those who’ve grown tired of poor quality marketing content out there.

What is Growth Marketing and why is it important

Knowing how Growth Marketing differs from Traditional Marketing is the first step to understand the relevance of this training. The fundamental distinction is about the sales funnel. While the traditional strategy focuses on the top of the funnel, reaching large numbers of people, the growth-oriented strategy values ​​experimentation and is guided by available data in order to reach the right person, in the right place with the most appropriate message, adapting the approach to the part of the funnel that person is.

My first courses in the Growth Marketing meni-degree

I’ve only had an opportunity to complete three courses, but I can already tell the curriculum of the mini-degree is very comprehensive.

  • Building a growth process — more in-depth course about key concepts related to growth marketing, especially hypothesestesting;
  • User-centric marketing — the most challenging course of Growth Marketing foundations section of this mini-degree.
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Take aways

I’m going to focus on two concepts that I clearly struggled with at the beginning of this course.

First take away: be very clear about what you want to learn from a survey, pick the right moment to ask, and offer some incentive for completion.

When it comes to really understanding users, surveys are an invaluable tool. However, most of them become a wasted opportunity if not conducted right.

Second takeaway: Use data to focus on what really matters and don’t assume you know what users need.

This concept were fairly new to me.


The content is incredibly thorough and in-depth. In my case, I was given the opportunity to finish the whole course in 12 weeks free of charge, due to an amazing CXL Scholarship Program.

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